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Featured Artist davelee/Dave (764)

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Ron (4) This item is new
davelee/Dave (764)
2 new critiques
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It's Bacon (0)
davelee/Dave (764)
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Another Kodak Moment (4)
davelee/Dave (764)
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Underwater Fantasy (2)
davelee/Dave (764)

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Featured Work Critic wuploteg/Guillermo (16,044)

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Another Kodak Moment (4)
davelee/Dave (764)
Thumb-up Thumb-up    from wuploteg/Guillermo (16,044) Send mail to this user on September 16, 2014 2:25:19 AM CDT (0) Early critique This item is new

You found a very interesting pattern in this structure. Great lines and the red really stands out against the blue.

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Gape Mouth (0) This item is new
harry/Harry (5,116)
Pigmented plaster