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I was born in and raised Gohenville, PA. I was the son of box factory owner, Willard Cox Markey and beloved house wife Candy Markley. My dad's well known box factory kept the family together for several years. Life was peaches and cream until Old Willie passed away in 1987 along with the box factory. I remember drawing these dwarfs on one of his left over boxes from the factory and my mom commented that I was not cut out to be a box factory owner. That's when I told her that I was going to return to my childhood dream of being an artist and photographer.

Since then my life has dramatically changed. I chill out here at my homestead and enjoy doing photography with my Jazz 207 and art with all unlimited tools including bingo marker. When I'm in my dark moments of artist block, I just throw on some Huey Lewis & The News. That always helps in getting my juices flowing. I love you all and hope you like my work.

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