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Hello all: I'm glad to be a part of this very impressive site. Right now I am on hiatus because my computer is being upgraded and I am devoting 98% of my time to my full time teaching job the other 2% well..I ll try and paint, Everyone's work is very good. I feel I am among some of the best. I have only been painting seriously about 15 years. My love thruout my childhood was drawing. Now almost 30 years later- I have turned art into a full fledged career. I am an art teacher at a local West Texas School. I am certified in art education. I sell some of my work on ebay for peanuts or just for fun and to let people see my work. I hope I can get tips and exposure on artsig and carry these techniques to my students. I look forward to it. I'd love to hear more critiques or advice anyone can give me, I feel there is always room for improvement in my case. I love realism, I paint in acrylic, oil and love to draw with charcoal. Biography: Treavor Pence of El Paso Texas has a passion for realism, animation, landscapes and skylines, Since 1975, he has created works of art in pencil, charcoal, oil and other mediums, he has many recognitions and achievements from area art shows and competitions. In 1988, Pence began a trek toward painting to match his realistic drawings, His sketches are on high quality drawing paper using the best materials, mostly self taught and self guided practice. Since 1999, he has taught and sold his work on the side. He took up oil and acrylic painting and to date has sold nearly 300 works of art on the internet from coast to coast, Europe, Canada and Australia. Treavor has been teaching for 16 years, gives critiques, judges work, conducts demonstrations, lectures and donates considerable time to the world of art. Biography cont. born-Aug 2, 1965 Amarillo Texas, parents are Marshall O and Barbara Pence, occupation teacher and artist. Honors and Awards: recognized by State Senate in 1982, Outstanding Young Men 1983, Optimist Award 1986, Art Certification and Accomendations 1995 from UTEP, Teaching art credentials 1996 and 2005, Ebay Achievement award 2005. To me art is a great outlet and way to communicate other than oral language, it is a way to see the world differently and aesthetically. My user id on ebay is myhands2yours. I have a guest comment page if you want to see my portfolio on,or and zazzle.. and I sell on etsy as well!Thanks!

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