Looking back at you

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Title     Looking back at you
Artist     markn1262/Mark (3) This user is a Premium Member Send mail to this user
Portfolio     Mark's 1st's
Subject     Animals
Style     Photographic
Medium     Digital Photograph
Submitted     March 17, 2003 4:50:23 AM CST
Views     2,429
Rating     3 Thumb-up

1st time submitting any type of photographic art


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Thumb-up Thumb-up    from minuetofmadness/Jennifer (299) Send mail to this user on January 16, 2004 9:43:45 AM CST (0)

nice view... up and over a branch or two. i work nights and this is pretty much what a cat looks like at midnight.. never have seen the eyes so bright before, though. BTW, i find the time stamp unimportant, if unintended and just fine if intentional. nice work (:

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Thumb-up Thumb-up Thumb-up    from princessleia/Vicky (1,047) Send mail to this user on September 21, 2003 7:10:46 PM CDT (1)

i think the date on the photo makes it look documentaristic, like "creature, that place, at that time" while the eyes look surreal at the same time :-) the photo is really interesting and i don't think it deserves thumbs down

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Thumb-up Thumb-up    from jebir/Jens (69) Send mail to this user on August 4, 2003 1:10:03 PM CDT (1) Early critique

Mark, if this was sent to PHOTOsig, I would understand the red thumbs. However, this is ARTsig! I find this picture very interesting to look at and the fact that you left (or inserted?) a time stamp makes you think more than once about what this picture is about. The blurred cat with illuminated eyes is also OK, IMHO, in particular as there are some sharp parts of a tree and a strange shape in the foreground that appear to be twigs and fishing line. For what reason? It makes me think... This is A LOT better than many other works I have seen here! My advice is to listen to all the critiques and go on and develop your style even further. Regards, Jens.

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Thumb-down Thumb-down    from thehumanskeleton/Xander (117) Send mail to this user on April 16, 2003 3:44:36 AM CDT (-1) Early critique

i think the irredeemably flawed comes only because of the fact that you left the dates in the photo, and that reaaaallly blares out. like... @_@ ow my eyes! :-p but the subject of the photo itself is a really cool idea. a feline predator sort of stalking you or something. the glowing of the eyes is really well shot. however, that brownish feathery thing on the right hand side, going from top to bottom is distracting as well.

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Thumb-down Thumb-down    from deleted30/deleted (4,981) Send mail to this user on April 7, 2003 3:47:13 PM CDT (2) Early critique

Mark I think when submitting photography or art to a site for critique the first advice I would give you is to lose the date on the image.

Now as for the photo the whole outer edge seems way to dark the eyes of the cat unless you were going for the demonic posession of the cat are way too bright I assume from the light source you used. The branches cover up too much of your subject and would be better used to frame it. There seems to be some compression artifacts also in this image.

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